Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sick day

Even when your sick it doesn't stop your imagination if your Teleah. She was Laying on the couch hot and the sun was shinning in on her and she didn't like it so she had an idea she could fix it and here it is the fix...

then her pitiful face

A few pictures

best daddy

If you have a camera and you say "Smile" here is what you get!

A Day at the zoo

Saturday, February 11, 2012

51 days and counting...

Time is winding down its almost here, we are going to Disney World.  Teleah is getting her make a wish.  We will get to stay at the Give Kids the World Resort and that place is so awesome to check it out here  we will spend three days at Disney and one day at Sea World.  This is a week long trip then we will pay to extend the trip for another four days and we think were gonna go see Busch Gardens not sure but we are so excited we have never had a vacation like this.  Teleah has been planning and plotting and well so has everyone else.  we cannot wait.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November fall

Well its getting colder out.  The sun is going down sooner but the kids are still full of energy.  Jayce is starting to talk more and more.  He is a very funny little guy and always smiling.  I just love his sweet personality.
He loves all things cars!  He loves to watch Cars and on Tuesday morning he cant wait for the garbage man to get here.

Teleah is also always busy and always has something on her mind.  She has got to be the most imaginative kid I have ever seen.  She has always got some big plan that she is up to.  Last week we were reading her beginner bible and she was reading to me, she got stuck on some words and I was reminding her she has to sound out the words and not guess the words because she read "And the Savior was born and they lay him in the manure"  we both got a good laugh out of that one.  She says mom I do need to look at the words better.  She is so funny there is never a dull moment with Teleah.

And Seriah She is growing to be a tween soon she is so mature and such a great big sister she takes care of her younger sibblings and she has such a great laugh.  i love it when she get laughing and her face turns red I gets everyone in the room laughing.  She also is very easy to scare,  we love to jump out at her she always gives a great reaction then laughs so hard it cracks me up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Already

Where has time gone?  Well last week we had our meeting with the Make*A*Wish people.  Teleah was so excited she had me do her hair "like a princess" and she came out of her room wanting to know if she should dress like Cinderella or Ariel?  I at first wanted her to go get her clothes on I had set out, until she explained that dressing like a princess would help her remember her wish!  Oh my what-ever just wear it, not a big deal and so fun to watch how excited she was.  She had all her wish all ready she had wrote a paper and filled out papers they sent her.  She wants to go to Disney World, and Sea world.  She has been watching Disney World videos for months so she knew what she wanted she wants to "swim with the dolphins and tame a dolphin at sea world"  The ladies got a kick out of the Tame one,  they ever so nicely explained swim with one is do-able but probably not tame one.  lol!  Then at Disney "I want to go to all the parks and I want to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and get the ultimate package"  they had to ask what that was.  She sat and explained.  So it looks like possibly April she will get her wish.  I am so excited for her what an awesome opportunity.  This will be something we will all never forget.  Oh one last thing as we where talking about her wish and telling her it was whatever she wanted, it was her wish, she stopped in her tracks looks me right in the eye and says "you mean I am the boss and you all have to do whatever I want!"  I tried to keep a straight face as I explained "kind of but that only goes to a certain point".  hahahaha I love the way her mind works

Monday, August 22, 2011

(Not back to school) back to school pictures!!

Seriah 11 years old and in 6th grade
 Teleah 7 years old and in 2nd grade
Jayce 23 months the school of toddlerhood

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Monday, August 15, 2011

August 1st we started homeschooling

Ok so on August 1st we started homeschooling. May I just say I love it. I was not sure, but watching the light bulb come on in my kids heads is priceless. To see them at one point not getting it all of a sudden understand it is so awesome. I feel like I know my kids better than I have since they started school. So for the first day of school we wanted to keep up some of the traditions that we have always had, like photos in their new clothes on the first day. So when we where shopping the girls thought it would be fun since we are now homeschoolers to buy new pj's instead. So on the first day we went out in the front yard and took first day of school pictures in our pj's.
Teleah is in 2nd grade this year wow!

Seriah is in 6th grade Now!

Where has time gone that I have a junior high student. Seriah is also very excited because she will still be in band at the local jr. high and gets to still have Mr. Parmenter. She has been waiting for that for a long time.
Here are both the girls.
Come on 2nd grade and 6th grade

And Jayce is ready to but for what i am not sure! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New adventures

Wow where has this summer gone already. We have begun a new adventure in life that by the way I never would have thought I would have even entertained. We are now homeschooling! If I had been asked a year ago about this subject i would have laughed and dismissed it immediately. However when the Lord lays something on your heart He makes it very clear and something I could not escape. It started as a passing thought then more curiosity then a on going thought that would not go away. Then came conviction as this is what we are supposed to do. We are giving a trial run for the summer and it is going really well. I am very surprised to say that I love doing this I feel like I am getting to know my girls better that I ever have before. The girls grades have also been shocking they are doing great. I just love seeing the wheels turning and things beginning to click with them. The coolest thing was one night at dinner the girls began spouting out information they had learned that day about Illinois. I was so proud not only had the listened to it but they retained it. I was so happy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seriah is 11

Where has time gone Seriah turned 11 years old yesterday. I remember the day she was born I was so anxious to have our first baby. I had gone into false labor 12 times so when I finally did go into labor Sean did not believe me.(I dont blame him) So after a long hard labor out came this beautiful baby girl. She was 7lb 1oz and she was three weeks early
When she was a toddler she was so funny. She talked like a little grown-up all the time she was just the sweetest.

Now I look at her and she is still the sweet little girls she has always been but now also starting to be a funny and smart young woman. She has such a hunger for knowledge. Most of all she puts all her trust in our Savior Jesus. I love to watch as she has grown into her own relationship with Christ.
She will enter Jr high next school year. On one hand she is so anxious to grow up. She cant wait to be called a teenager. However she still has the innocence of the little girls she still is. I love you Seriah and Happy Birthday sweetie.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Teleah's 7years old

Give me that pop Seriah

Seriah this is fascinating

Well as winter drags on at times it seems it will never end. The kids and myself are a bit stir crazy. I can only imagine how the Teachers at the kids schools feel. However winter does bring some fun moments too. My kids always find fun ways to entertain themselves, Jayce brings lots of fun games. Teleah loves that he is always a captive audience. Whatever Teleah or Seriah are doing Jayce is so amazed by it. Up until now he had always just gone along with what they wanted to do but now the fun begins he is beginning to want to do what he wants and getting upset with them not doing what he wants in the right way. It is so fun to watch his little personality come out and to see how they interact with each other. I do wonder what will happen this summer when the girls go outside and he has to stay in. I predict it will not go over well with Jayce. Seriah is such a little mother she loves to care for him and she is just so sweet to him.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year

Wow it is 2011! I cant believe where time has gone. I am not really making any new years resolution this year since they always seem to fall by the waste side by mid january. So instead I am just focusing on what i am so thankful for....
Sean is such a great husband and a wonderful man of god he leads our family in the way the Lord has set out. that is not to say he is always perfect but pretty close for me. I love him so much. I just thank God for him.
Seriah is ten years old and so funny she is getting ready to enter a phase in life that will be so exciting and so scary at the same time. Yesterday my mother in-law (Carol) and sister in-law (Becky) and i took Seriah shopping for clothes to spend her gift cards from Christmas. she was so funny she could not seem to care at all about the task at hand. she was more interested in the bin of bouncy ball next to the fitting room then the picking out clothes. so I picked and asked her what she thought and she kept saying I dont care. I thought she didn't have fun then later that night all she talked about was having fun shopping with mommy, Becky and Mama. I know the day will come when i will look back on days like that and miss them. I thank God for her personality.
Teleah is six, seven next month. she is in first grade and so full of spunk. She really wants to do everything by her self but sometimes needs help but wont ask. She has such a passion for Christ. last Sunday during worship i was singing and i looked over to see Teleah hands in the air and such a look of passion on her face it touched me to see such a love for god at this young age. She says to me mommy i just want to learn about Jesus. She amazes me daily. She loves her little brother so much she is always mothering him and trying to help him even if he doesn't want her help.
Jayce is 16 month's he is such a happy guy. Jayce is always smiling and joyful. He is now walking along everything. he has not yet walked by himself but I am sure it wont be long. He loves to play with cars and get into everything.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my cakes Ive been making

From my Fondant Final class

Another cake i did after cake class #2

My first cake from the final from class #2

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some pics from July

Seriah in the Milford fun days parade for girl scouts

waiting to see Seriah in the milford fun days parade.

Savannah and Teleah at our family reunion.

Brooklyn, Seriah and Teleah at the Dark family reunion

Seriah jumping off the diving board.

The summer is half over I cannot believe it. The girls have had fun with swimming lessons and had lots of fun swimming out the pool. We started the year with Teleah's fear of getting her head wet now she jumps of the side of the pool over and over again. Seriah is growing up to be such a lovely young lady. Jayce has made such great strides in the past few months he is now sitting and talking more.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time flies

Funny Smiles!

My three beautiful babies!

Where does time go. Summer is hear and ow Teleah is a first grader and Seriah is now a 5th grader. I cannot believe this. They are growing so fast. Teleah sat down yesterday and read me a book! (with very little help) Seriah has regularly pointed out to me tat she is a TWEEN! So she is now learning that with Independence comes responsibility. Jayce has been rolling around on the floor and smiling at everyone he is full of kisses and is just a all around happy baby.

Seriah's Birthday She's 10

Teleah is reading!